Episode 1

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1st Apr 2023

Latinx Representation and The Legacy of Edward James Olmos

Jason Barber, Cuban American educator and artist, joins the podcast to discuss the legacy of actor, activist and LEGEND Edward James Olmos and Latinx representation in discussing the films: Mi Familia, El Norte, Selena, Zoot Suit, and The Ballad of Gregorio Cortez.

Jason Barber is a Cuban American educator and artist with over a decade of experience in Rochester’s arts and non-for-profit sectors. As an active public artist in Rochester, he has served in many roles for a variety of Rochester’s art institutions– Rochester Brainery, Oxford Gallery, Memorial Art Gallery, Wall\Therapy, and the Yards Art Collective. He currently sits on the development and outreach boards for Roc Art United, Latinx Art Council, and Catholic Charities of Rochester, and teaches art at the Academy of Health and Science. Mr. Barber’s presentation will explore the impacts that Latino/Latinx artists are having in Rochester through their murals and public art works. He is also a massive film lover with an encyclopedia’s worth of knowledge in cinema.

Host: Jackie McGriff

Co-Host: Deborah Alvarez

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This episode of Representation in Cinema was recorded at the Food About Town studio.

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